Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Peyton's First Birthday

We celebrated Brian and Sharelle's daughter's first birthday on Sunday. What an awesome day! I spent the afternoon in the kitchen cooking the food. I was having a great time doing that because I got to eat the food straight out of the oven and I had people chatting to me all afternoon as they stood around the kitchen. Then Sharelle put a glass of wine in my hand and made me sit and rest and there I stayed for ages because Bailey came to give me a cuddle and fell asleep in my lap. That doesn't happen very often so I enjoyed the next hour and a half having him cuddling on my lap, it's the best cuddle. He woke up when he heard the word 'cake' he'd been waiting all day for it.
I helped Sharelle make the cake for Peyton and for that they gave me a gorgeous arrangment of flowers. Thanks guys....and great choice Brian.

Of course the day would not go past without me capturing it all on camera.

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